Aromatherapy, which is a complete treatment, which uses different oils to stimulate health and boost energy.  The oils for aromatherapy therapeutically reduce stress, promote relaxation, and are good for overall physical and health. Before starting the treatment, the health professional goes through the whole health history of the patient and starts the treatment accordingly.

No Aromatherapy is complete without the best oils for aromatherapy or essential aromatherapy oils, which are unstable liquids, a chemically pure compound derived from plants by the process of steam distillation. These oils are named after the plant they are derived from. They may either have fragrance or may be odourless. These oils sometimes vary significantly due to genetic causes or due to climate, rainfall, or geographic region. They mainly comprise lipophilic and highly unstable secondary plant metabolites, mono-sesquiterpenes, and other compounds such as allyl and isoallyl phenols.

Other substances, which have been present in these compounds are coumarins, anthraquinones, and alkaloids, which are usually distillable. Moreover, some other fats and stable compounds are obtained by methods other than distillation. Due to the various benefits of aromatherapy oils and their fragrance, flavouring, and preservative properties, these oils are extensively used in cosmetics and perfumes. The therapeutic properties, antimicrobial and antioxidant effect makes these oils perfect oils for aromatherapy.

Different extraction techniques like steam distillation and solvent extraction are used to extract these oils. It should be noted that only using Aromatherapy oils is not enough and only the best oils for aromatherapy should be used. We, at Massage Oils UK, are one such aromatherapy suppliers UK, which can help you procure cheap aromatherapy oils at the best price. Read on to know more about aromatherapy oils and their uses.

Benefits of aromatherapy oils

If you are a Massage therapist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Aromatherapist, you must already know about the benefits and uses of aromatherapy oils. When it comes to choosing oils for aromatherapy, you must make all your purchases only from the best aromatherapy suppliers UK to provide the most satisfaction to your clients.

Best oils for aromatherapy should have antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, insecticidal, anti-inflammatory properties. Benefits of aromatherapy oils include reduction in stress and depression, relief in anxiety and pain, decrease in muscle tension, and calmness and relaxation in the body.

It is important to note how the aromatic oils are obtained is of huge importance as cold-pressed essential oils are considered to be real essential oils while chemically processed essential oils are not considered true essential oils. Therefore, it is important to always opt for the best oils for aromatherapy as they not only help people with their mental health but are also beneficial against fungal infections, and disease prevention.  The essential aromatherapy oils also aid digestion, boost immunity, and help in managing pain. These oils are also beneficial when it comes to improving sleep quality; alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, and much more.

However, it is not possible to find all the above-referred properties in single oil, therefore; different oils are blended for different purposes. All essential aromatherapy oils have their unique healing properties, uses, and effects. As a specialist, you can combine various cheap aromatherapy oils offered by us to create a blend, which offers various benefits. The aromatherapy oils offered by us are non-greasy and the best option when it comes to giving relaxing massages to your clients. Not only this, but you can also use our best oils for aromatherapy in clay masks, inhalers, diffusers, and in many other ways.

Uses of oils for aromatherapy

Aromatic oils are frequently used in aromatherapy, a kind of alternative medicine, which uses plant extract to support health and well-being, in which they are inhaled through numerous techniques. They are not meant for consumption. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to enhance the health of the body, and mind. It enhances both physical and emotional health. Certain application methods can improve absorption of the ingredients present in essential oils in the skin to produce the effect of the ingredients therein. Inhaling essence of aromatic oils can stimulate areas of the limbic system, which is a part of the brain and plays a role in emotions, behaviour, sense of smell, and long-term memory. The limbic system also has a part in controlling numerous unconscious physiological functions, such as, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Essential aromatherapy oils are highly concentrated essential oils and should be diluted before topical application.

Some important aromatherapy oils and their uses are –

  1. Sandalwood essential oil is a natural relaxant that lowers blood pressure and stress.
  2. Tree tea essential oil is antifungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, fights infections, and boosts the immune system.
  3. Lavender essential oil is popular oil that has all kinds of benefits. Its anti-microbial property may curb skin infection and promote hair growth.
  4. Jasmine essential oil is an anti-depressant that can reduce depressive symptoms.
  5. Frankincense essential oil is one of the most potent and medically useful essential oils. Its main benefit is boosting the immune system by stimulating its activity and killing germs that cause infection. It is also anti-inflammatory and may reduce joint pain.
  6. Chamomile oil has the potential to relax the mind when inhaled.

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