Oils for Baby Massage

Your newborn bundle of joy may not understand all the stimuli coming from its new environment, but one thing is certain… they love and respond to a caring touch. Whether it’s holding their little fingers, rocking them in your arms, or gently massaging them after a warm bath to help them relax and sleep longer.

For babies, especially newborn babies, there are numerous benefits of a good body massage: it helps calm their nerves (which seems to get jangled from the slightest discomfort). It helps relieve pain and eases muscle tension. Improves your baby’s sleep pattern, flexibility, immunity, and lots of other immediate and long-lasting benefits.

The greatest benefit of a therapeutic massage for babies is that it helps create feelings of love and trust. These are crucial for complete body development, building self-awareness, and helping them grow into well-rounded individuals.

But the thing is… baby skin is softer and more sensitive than that of an adult. You need a professional massage oil that is free of parabens, strong scents, and harmful chemicals.

We have some of the best oils for baby massages. Our Professional Almond Massage Oil and Professional Grapeseed Massage Oil are two great oils for soft, sensitive skin. Not only are they safe and the best for massaging kids, but they also contain lots of skin-nourishing vitamins that help maintain your child’s soft and glowing skin… perfect choice to massage your newborn’s skin in the winter for protection against the harsh weather.

Baby skin is vulnerable to toxins, no matter how small the amount. We sell only the best-quality massage oil to ensure your child’s skin stays supple, moisturised, and free of skin problems such as rashes, eczema, or dry, flaky skin.

Whether you’re massaging your baby for the first time or a professional baby massage therapist, we have some of the best and most affordable massage oil that is safe for baby skin. And, can help transport vitamins and antioxidants deep into their skin tissue.

In their formative years, children develop a strong memory for sweet scents. Our Almond Massage Oil and Grapeseed Massage Oil have little to no scent… making them the perfect choice for diluting sweet-smelling essential oils to make each massage session more enjoyable and memorable for your kids.

They’re light, moisturising, and specially formulated to be gentle. This is to avoid creating too much friction that might hurt your baby’s skin during a massage.

Our baby massage oil is safe for baby skin and, since the skin easily absorbs it, leaves very little mess for you to clean. And the best part is that it doesn’t stain fabric – whether it’s clothing or bed sheets, you can toss them into the washer and all the oil spots will be gone.

Feel free to give your baby a full body massage with our baby massage oils. They are just as good on your baby’s hair as it is on their skin.

When you buy massage oils from us, you are sure to receive them in perfect condition without bumps or accidental spills because we instruct the delivery team to treat our packages as fragile items.