Carrier Oil

When it comes to relaxing the muscles and eliminating stress from the body, nothing beats a deep, relaxing oil massage. However, an oil massage wouldn’t be possible without a great carrier oil specially made for massages.

Whether you’re looking for a “base oil” to dilute your essential oil or something that’ll help pamper your skin, then our carrier oils are your best bet. Not only do they help transport or ‘carry’ essential oil into the body, but they also lubricate and moisturise the skin to enable a rich and deeply nourishing body massage.

Some of the best types of carrier oils for massage are those that are derived 100% from natural sources such as seeds, nuts, and other plant materials. Our carrier oils possess a wide range of therapeutic and health benefits for massage enthusiasts. They are rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for healthy and young-looking skin.

We have different types of carrier oil that are skin-friendly and just great for a relaxing massage.

Not only is our Grape-seed massage oil an affordable option for masseurs looking to optimise profits, but it glides effortlessly over the skin and feels lightweight. Plus, it has very little odour, making it a fantastic choice for aromatherapy.

Our high-quality almond massage oil is another fantastic choice for those looking for a type of carrier oil that is smooth and easily absorbed into the skin. They’re non-sticky and do not stain the sheets. However, be careful, especially if you or your clients have nut allergies.

When mixed with essential massage oils, carrier oils absorb some of the essential oil’s potency. However, they don’t interfere with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. What they do is reduce your risk of getting irritated by the potent essential oil.

A rule of thumb for mixing essential oils with a carrier oil is to use at least 6 teaspoons of carrier oil for every 13-15 drops of the essential oil.