Essential Massage Oils

Whether you are receiving or giving a massage, essential massage oils are a great choice for relaxing the muscles and uplifting the mind. Our oils contain a blend of all-natural ingredients needed for a deep, rejuvenating massage session.

These essential massage oils do not fail to impress, whether you’re using them in the comfort of your home or are a massage therapist using the oil blends for a professional massage.

They are very potent and retain their properties even when diluted in a carrier oil. Our essential massage oils have a light and non-greasy texture, making them perfect for the novice or the professional massage therapist to glide their hands all over the skin without much friction.

Not only do essential massage oils hydrate and nourish the skin, but they’re also great for sensitive skin and people with allergies. These oil blends work great with various massage tools such as handheld massagers, massage rollers, foot massages, and are ideal for different types of massage therapy including deep tissue, hot stone massage, and more!

What’s more, our therapeutic essential oil blends for body massage leaves you feeling silky smooth and refreshed afterwards. And the best part is that they’re easily absorbed into the skin and don’t leave a sticky residue. As a result, are less likely to stain sheets.

Our oil blends for body massage all have a subtle, non-overwhelming scent and long shelf life. This means it will take a long time for them to become rancid (spoil) which is great, especially for users that don’t use massage oils regularly.