Six Pro-tips for choosing the best Massage Oil for couples

There are few people on this planet that will say “No” to a massage…

And the reason is simple.

When done right, a sensual massage is a perfect way to stimulate and arouse your partner’s erogenous zones for some fun later. As well as relax the nerves and provide emotional and therapeutic relief from the day’s stress.

Throw in the best sensual massage oil for couples and you take the experience from a normal shoulder rub to something exciting that makes the senses tingle in anticipation.


How do you choose the best massage oil to get your partner raging with sexual desire? What are the simple massage tips and tricks that can help you work your partner’s body like a masseur without killing the mood with clumsy arm motion?

All will be revealed in this article. But first, how can using massage oil improve your sex life?

The best massage oils for couples

How Using Massage Oils Can Spice Your Sex Life.

Most people on the planet love a good massage.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship or still getting to know your partner, regular sensual massages can increase intimacy between couples and might be the glue that keeps you two together.

Here’s an overview of how massage oils can improve intimacy:

Spice up things without going overboard.

Light some candles…”, “Text throughout the day”, “play some calm music…

These things have their place and they work – occasionally.

But, they all seem like you’re trying too hard.

And, one thing about human nature is that when someone tries hard to impress us, we don’t usually feel very impressed. Instead, we feel guilty that they went through all that stress and now we have to reciprocate the gesture.

But with massage oils, everything seems effortless – except you decide to light some candles and play music.

If you’re looking for an effortless way to spice things up in the bedroom and reignite the sexual fire between you and your partner…

Then giving them a sensual massage is a great way to kickstart their body and make it more receptive to mind-blowing experiences without overdoing anything that might kill the mood.

Helps relax and arouse your partner.

Erotic and sensual massage oil formulated for couples usually contains a natural blend of plant-based oils that relaxes the body and prepares it for a night of fun-filled intimacy.

This is great for couples that haven’t been intimate in a while or those looking to try something new.

Makes you feel good.

While other accessories, such as sex toys, can help stimulate key erogenous zones, more often than not, your two hands are all you need to turn your partner on.

A sensual massage delivered with the right technique using the best massage oil for couples increases feel-good hormones in the brain and helps couples pair-bond.

Not only does this increase your chances of staying together through thick and thin, but it also gives you something to reminisce and look forward to each night.

So, how do you choose that special massage oil that’ll transform your partner back into a teenager with raging sex hormones?

Here are 6 things to consider.

What is the best massage oil for couples

6 Things to Consider When Choosing the best Massage Oil for Couples.

1. Type of Massage.

When choosing a massage oil for couples, it’s important that you pick one that’s best suited for a given technique. You should choose a technique that doesn’t require more power than your arms can generate for an extended period so you don’t get tired midway through the massage.

If you intend to give your partner a low-friction massage, like a Swedish massage, then you need a heavier oil such as olive oil and almond oil

However, some massage techniques such as deep tissue massage and sports massage require high friction. For these you’ll need lighter oils like grapeseed oil, which is quickly absorbed into the skin, giving you more control over the speed and pressure you use.

2. Time available.

Another thing to consider when choosing massage oil for couples is how much time you have to spend on a massage. 

If you have to squeeze out 30 minutes from your schedule to give your partner a massage, then a light massage oil for couples that won’t stain clothing or make the skin feel greasy afterwards is best.

3. Strength of the fragrance.

Some of the best massage oils for couples give off a scent, either from the oil itself or from the essential oils in it. 

If your partner is sensitive to strong fragrances, then you should choose a fragrance-free carrier oil or pick a sensual massage oil that has a subtle smell.

4. Allergies and skin sensitivities.

Some oils should be avoided, especially if your partner has any allergies, sensitivities, or skin conditions. 

In general, the best massage oils for couples are free of chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), which can dehydrate and irritate sensitive skin.

If your partner is allergic to nuts, then opt for something like apricot oil or shea butter. They contain no lgE-binding proteins and as such do not cause allergies. 

When in doubt, we recommend performing a patch test a few days before using any massage oil on your partner or yourself.

5. Shelf life.

Natural, plant-based massage oil for couples will become rancid over time, especially if it doesn’t contain any parabens. Carrier oils will become oxidised when exposed to heat, sunlight, and air. 

Essential oils may degrade too, leading to some nasty skin irritation.

That’s why you need to pay attention to the expiry date of massage oil and follow the instructions on storage.

6. Post massage clean-up.

Giving or receiving a massage is always fun. What’s not fun is getting rid of the excess oil on your skin and the sheets after the massage. 

Some of the best massage oils for couples are non-greasy and are easily absorbed by the skin or washed off with ease, and do not stain sheets.

It makes giving your partner a massage more exciting, especially when you know that there won’t be any stubborn oil spots left on the sheet afterwards.

You could stop reading here and be on your merry way with your massage oil, but that’s not all you need to arouse your partner tonight. 

Having the tools to perform a task and the skills to use the tools are two different things.

Here are some pro-tips that will help you switch on your partner for some mind-blowing intimacy every time.

How to Give Your Partner a Sensual Massage.

1. Start with the shoulders.

A lot of people walk around with tense shoulders and necks. Help your partner release the tension by slowly kneading their upper back and neck region.

2. Not so fast!

When giving your partner a sensual massage, we recommend that you resist the temptation to go below the belt too soon. 

What you want to do is slowly build the anticipation. 

While it is okay to tease these sensitive areas with light touches, the most important part of an erotic massage is building sexual tension.

3. Move to the lower back.

There are lots of nerve endings at the base of the spine (aka “sacrum”). Use a massage oil for couples to slowly knead this area with your palms. Do not use your fingers or thumbs – they’ll likely wear out before you’ve done a thorough job there.

4. The legs.

There are many pleasure points scattered around the legs. 

Try massaging the groove on the back of the knee or stroke the indent between the heel and the ankle bone. If these two do not draw a response from your partner, then simply go for a foot massage.

5. Remember the face.

If you’re like most people, you probably think the face isn’t an integral part of a sensual massage. 

However, there are very few things that are more intimate than letting your partner have free reign over your face. 

The front of the neck, behind the ears, the temples, and even stroking the cheekbone can elicit deep feelings for your partner. 

Please avoid the eyes – getting oil in them will likely ruin your partner’s mood.

6. Finish off with the abdomen and sides.

Apply enough pressure while slowly rubbing the stomach in circles so your touches do not tickle. 

You can end the massage session by gently tapping the area between the belly button and the fun zone with two fingers. This creates the perfect segue into your intimate encounter.

The Takeaway.

Choosing the best massage oil for you and your partner can be daunting. 

However, if you start with identifying your personal preferences and what you want the product to do, you can easily choose a massage oil that’s great for arousing your partner.

Ensure that you check out the product’s ingredients before making a purchase. And, even when you buy a massage oil for couples, be sure to test it on a small area some days prior to applying it all over your body.

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