Massage Oil for sensitive skin

One of life’s best treats is a deep, rejuvenating massage with massage oil that makes your muscles melt. But people with skins that get irritated easily need to be extra careful and choose a massage oil that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Massage oils specially made for sensitive skin will help prevent your skin from being irritated or breaking out. Heavily scented ingredients in massage oils are often the trigger for people with sensitive skin, which is why our specially-designed massage oils for sensitive skin issues feature 100% pure organic and natural ingredients to reduce the skin’s exposure to irritants.

Our massage oils aren’t just for sensitive skins, they are designed to nourish and replenish nutrients in tired and dry skin. They all feature natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years as a skin moisturizer. The carrier oil in each product combines perfectly with the skin-restoring properties of the natural extracts to nurture skin tissue.

High-quality massage oils for sensitive skin have to be of the right viscosity or thickness in order not to clog skin pores or cause inflammation. Our massage oils for sensitive skins are just the right viscosity that will leave your skin noticeably soft and unaffected with each massage.

They are ideal for use after bathing or showering, or whenever your skin needs some pampering. That’s because the ingredients glide over the skin without leaving any greasy layer or making you feel sticky afterwards.  

And because they are all 100% natural oils that are free of parabens, dyes, or chemicals, they’re a great pick for a lot of skin types. Plus, the manufacturing process of each oil helps retain the natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the oil which helps delay aging and improve skin health, especially for people that break out easily or already have skin issues such as acne or dry skin.

These massage oils have amazing skin-healing properties. Whether you’re using them on sensitive or non-sensitive skin, the oil gently caresses your skin, gradually easing stress, tiredness, and eliminating irritating skin dryness.

Since each person’s skin reacts differently to different types of oils, we recommend testing massage oil on a small area then wait for a possible reaction before using the oil all over the body. You can test your massage oil by placing a drop on the skin of your belly, arm, or neck. These are the areas that are usually reactive to beauty or skin products.

It’s worth knowing that pampering sensitive skin goes beyond just using massage oils that are designed for sensitive skin. For the professional masseur or massage enthusiast, we recommend using natural laundry detergents that are free of parabens, bleach, toxins, or additional fragrance to wash linens and clothes.

This, combined with a high-quality massage oil will help you enjoy the relaxing benefits of a thorough massage without your skin breaking out or getting irritated.