Strictly Professional Grapeseed Massage Oil 4l


Great fit for almost everything from facial or full-body massages, hair and nail care routines, to makeup removal… Strictly Professional Grapeseed Massage oil packs huge amounts of vitamin E, naturally occurring ceramides, and Omega 6.

It is a lightweight oil that’s quickly absorbed into the skin and has a faint scent, which is great if you’re sensitive to strong scents. Or if you intend to mix it with other sweet-smelling essential oils.

Our 4l bottle of Strictly Professional Grapeseed Massage Oil contains 100% natural grapeseed oil free from parabens, artificial fragrance, and colour.

It’s also non-comedogenic & non-irritating, this makes it a good choice for a lot of skin types, especially for people that break out easily or already have skin issues such as acne or dry skin.

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