Professional Massage Oils

As a professional massage therapist, you know you’re doing something right when your shelf is always filled with a lot of good quality massage oils that your clients love. And, even if you were down to a few bottles, your supplier would deliver before you ran out.

It makes you feel confident and in control of your strokes as you apply a generous amount of massage oil onto your client’s skin. And your clients leave feeling satisfied from the rich and deeply nourishing body massage.

If you are looking for a massage oil supplier that can deliver your Strictly Professional Massage Oil on time and at the best price in the UK, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each of the Professional Massage Oils we deliver to our clients is the freshest batch – meaning you don’t have to worry about using them soon before they turn rancid.

Not only will your clients love the traction from a fresh batch of the professional massage oil, but it will allow you to work as deeply as you can without sliding. It provides enough glide for a Swedish as well as adequate traction that makes you feel satisfied, compared to if you were just putting lotion on the client’s body.

We have the Strictly Professional Massage Oil with Soya Bean & Wheatgerm Oil, Strictly Professional Grapeseed Massage Oil, and the Strictly Professional Almond Massage Oil in different container sizes to cater to the needs of your growing business.

We offer all our professional massage oils at the most affordable prices and the quickest delivery you’ll find in the UK, so masseurs can maximise profits for their business without losing sight of what truly matters – delivering a soothing massage.

Whether you’re looking for a carrier oil to dilute your essential oil in, or something that’ll help pamper your client’s skin, then our professional massage oils are your best bet. They’re light, gentle, and moisturising for different skin types and will help transport vitamins and antioxidants into your client’s skin.

You can confidently buy our massage oils in bulk and mix it up with your essential oils knowing that they are all fresh batches and so have the longest shelf life.

Most clients love the Strictly Professional Massage Oil because it is formulated to be gentle and have less tissue drag, which makes it great, especially for clients whose skins are so sensitive you need to constantly remind yourself not to hurt them.

With Strictly Professional Oils, you do not have to rely on good technique and body mechanics alone when giving a massage. These oils are smooth to apply, feel light, and work well for deep tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage, and acupressure.

Our professional massage oils are fantastic for face and body massage because they absorb very well, give great glide, and work marvellously as a carrier for essential oil. They have a nice consistency and a subtle smell so you can quickly clear the room and work on another client.

When you buy massage oils from us, you are sure to receive them in perfect condition without bumps or accidental spills because we instruct the delivery team to treat our packages as fragile items.